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Melissa McCarthy’s Old Navy ad

Melissa McCarthy’s Old Navy ad is far less creepy than Lana del Ray’s Blue Velvet ad of last year and way less disturbing than the whole racist/misogynist mannequins situation. Even so, here and there I’ve seen a few people in the fatosphere objecting to it. McCarthy is dressed as a frumpy housewife; it looks like she is not wearing a single Old Navy product.

On the one hand, yes, she is gorgeous. On the other hand, McCarthy is a fantastic comic – there’s a reasonable chance she concocted the character she’s playing in the ad herself, just because she really likes playing characters.

Old Navy has been a bit weird about the messages it sends to all its customers, and the message it sends to its plus size customers are so weird that I suspect the entire corporate  board needs therapy and medication.  On the one hand, they relegated all their plus sizes above a 20 to online only. On the other hand, they are one of the few stores that aren’t dedicated to plus sizes only that offer a decent selection of clothing. On the other hand, it’s 50/50 whether the fit or quality is good. Some of my longest lasting pieces have come from Old Navy. So have some of my biggest disappointments. At least, however, they make returns as easy as they can – as long as you supply your own packing tape.

It does raise the question: McCarthy would certainly fit in their plus size clothing – so why not take the opportunity to show her off in one of the cable knit dresses? Why are they so afraid that their straight size customers will bail on the brand if they see their plus size customers dressed well? When in history has this ever happened?

As for McCarthy – I guess I’d have to know what her input into the ad was.



Holiday Looks that don’t blare Christmas Music

We’ve all seen the loud holiday looks that scream “tis the season! See! THAT’S SEASONAL CLEAVAGE!!!”

plus size green sweater dress 2013

available from Alight in size 2x.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can choose items that do not have bells and that do not light up in any way if you like.


Tadashi Shoji plus size mint green lace v neck sleeveless dress 2013

available from Tadashi Shoji up to size 22 (US)


Old Navy plus size pink sequin top 2013

available from Old Navy up to size 4x.

red plus size dress 2013

 This dress from Just My Size has the lovely seasonal red, looks comfy – and very probably travels well. As labeled in the images, it’s available up to 6x.
If you need just a little more dazzle than that, consider this beaded dress

from Talbots:

available up to size 24

Talbots plus size red beaded scoop neck dress 2013


Here: the plus size casual looks you’ve been looking for

Still working on that casuals wardrobe for this fall? Yeah, me too. The favorite jeggings fell to dust this year as did many favorite tops so now during the in-between season it’s a scramble for just the right denim and just the right look. Along the way, I thought I’d throw up a few of my own notable finds.

The Henley

short sleeve

Old Navy plus size blue sleeveless Henley top 2013

from Old Navy available up to size 4x

 Long Sleeve Henley

 Kohls plus size red and white striped long sleeve Henley

from Kohls available up to a size 3x

Slim Ankle Pants

 Available from Eileen Fisher up to size 3x.
Eileen Fisher plus size twill ankle pants 2013

The Argyle sweater

Lands End plus size dark blue argyle sweater 2013

available from Lands End up to size 3x


Long Sleeve Print Sweater

Fashion to Figure plus size New York heart black drip print long sleeve sweater 2013
available from Fashion to Figure up to size 3x.



Critical Thoughts and 3 Critter Tees

Years ago, someone gave me a hideous sweater with a puppy dog stitched on the front. Back in the 90s, that said three things: a)your house had burnt down and you really had nothing else to wear, b)that you had an out-of-touch with reality relative who bought you well meaning and awful presents (and came from a family where it was not OK to ask for a receipt) or c)someone had to buy you a gift at the last minute and literally grabbed some crap off the shelf.

My dog sweater hovered somewhere between B and C. Given how much hassle I got in school as it was, the last thing I ever wanted to do was show up clad in puppy.

So this emerging trend of screen printed critters is one I view with bemusement. Oh, screen printing is cool and all but will this wind up being a flash in the pan fad that dies of embarrassment in the near future? That certainly isn’t what happened with leggings. Part of this may just be a tribute to our collective realization that there is just no way to make a bubble hem work. Maybe these will be more sustainable without the 3D effect? I’m sitting back to see – I suspect at least one of these will end up on my table when T-shirt surgery time rolls around.

If you’re enamored, you can find your own plus size screen print critter tee on Fat Chic Clothing Search.. (I also set up a second, more narrow search.)

Simply Be plus size bunny critter sweater 2013from Simply Be available up to size 28/30 US


Old Navy fox graphic sweater 2013from Old Navy available up to a size 3x


Wet Seal Plus Size Normal Is Boring Camo Tee 2013

from Wet Seal available up to size 3x

OK, this isn’t really a critter tee – it just has that goofy aesthetic that critter tees share.