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Plus Size News Roundup 6/18/12

Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks – creative commons licensing


  • All the interesting stuff was at Full Figured Fashion week, of course – which I was unable to attend. (Cue weeping.)
  • NPR has a short bit – about ten minutes – on TLC show Big Brooklyn Style. (You will need a media player for this.) Actually, for radio, that’s a pretty large program segment.
  • Special K has started using “plus-size real women” in its cereal ads. The sociology blogs I follow could have a field day with this, and I hope they do.
  • A study of 18-26 year old men found that they “prefer curvy women.” Honestly, this does NOT make me feel good about my body – and it makes me feel bad about men, too. The entire article is predicated on the idea women are shaping their bodies solely to please men, and the very idea I or any other woman is expected to be so void of humanity that she only exists to please others is deeply upsetting to me.
  • Katy Halchishick has a great interview about the issues still confronted in the Natural Body Movement.
  • Lesley Kinzel’s Book Two Whole Cakes has changed the perspective of this psychotherapist.
  • Wet Paint asks if Tyra’s term “fiercely real” is offensive to non-curvy women. Personally, I’m not thrilled with any buzz word.

“Tyra was on The View today, talking to the ladies about what it means to be a “fiercely real” model. “In the modeling industry, a model that is a size 12 and up, she’s called ‘plus-size,'” Tyra said. “I don’t think that that’s a sexy term.” So she came up with “fiercely real” to represent what “real women” look like.” Why does it need to be sexy?


Business of Plus


  • Ascena will indeed drop Fashion Bug, so all stores will be out of business by early 2013.




Plus Size in Other Places


  • Dani Mendes, 31, is the new plus-size girl for Rio de Janeiro. Plus Size Miss Sao Paulo believes there is room for all body types in modeling. Carla Manso also grants an interview advocating for the plus-size women of Brazil.
  • The Tailor Shop in Brazil just opened and specializes in plus-size clothing.
  • Khanica Murray was crowned Miss Plus Size Diva in Trinidad.





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Sending up a flare

Plus Sized clothing red print floral plus size dress 2012

Amazingly, more fit and flare dresses have appeared in plus sizes since I last posted about it.  It’s always good to see retailers catch on and give us more of what we want – and fit and flare is definitely on my personal “I want!” list.

New Look plus size red kimono dress 2012New Look belted tan pleated dress 2012

City Chic plus size black overlay dress 2012Igigi plus size black floral dress 2012

Find your own plus size fit and flare dress on Fat Chic Clothing Search.


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Plus Size News Roundup 5/21/12

Tyra Banks Too Fat To Model

“You should never criticize your own body (or anyone else’s) in front of your children. Any dieting you discuss should be framed in terms of being healthy and feeling good.”

  • There’s a rumor that Adele is to be the face of a plus-size dating website.
  • I’m not a fan of buffets, and the weird combination of gluttony and business sense in this story of a man protesting being cut off from a buffet is … well, weird. I guess I need to know whether they have a)had anyone else behave as he has and b)if they cut off a thinner person as well? It was my skinny ex-boyfriends excesses that were the source of embarrassment when I still ate at them.
  • Unsurprisingly, HBO’s Weight of the Nation is a fat-shaming piece fraught with bad, outdated research and confirmation bias. Especially since base research makes it clear shaming people with real eating disorders makes their behavior worse, and shaming people who may be completely healthy and just sexually undesirable to the person finger-pointing just makes it clear the shamer is an asshat with deeply inappropriate entitlement issues.
  • Fitspiration – it’s just as insidious and nasty as thinspiration.
  • Among the entrepreneurs included in a Salt Lake City business course was the designer behind the plus-size line Inspector 33.
  • Yet more research demonstrates women are more likely to buy clothing when modeled on women their size, age, and ethnicity. So clothing corporations and designers, here are your choices: hire a very diverse model base, or face the prospect of elderly nudity. Your choice.
  • Skechers lost a $40 million false advertising suit for claiming its shoes contributed to weight loss. I love my Skechers – they contributed to my exercising in comfort, yes, but to weight loss? No.
  • Apparently the whole “aspirational” approach of fashion – i.e., making us feel like crap – isn’t necessary to get us to buy things. Who knew – clothing can sell without emotionally abusive schmuckery??? All this tells us is that the PTB in the fashion industry up to now really do consist of truly horrible people. Horrible people = ones who find a way to gain by making others feel worthless.
  • I’m not a fan of press releases in general, but this one is worthwhile: Dolly Fashions, a traditional Indian clothing supplier (east Indian, a clarification necessary as I’m in the States) now offers these garments in plus sizes.
  • Crystal Renn is now complaining that working as a plus-size model was too much pressure.

 Business of Plus Size


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Cucucito – Plus Size Design from Italy

trapeze style plus size Italian dress Cucucito 2012

From the designer: “I’m a simple girl with big dreams, some of them already fulfilled others are under construction.”

One of the great pleasures of my job is finding out about new (or new to me) plus size designers. Such is the case here. Cucucito is an Italian designer, with clothing that runs up to a size 30 EU. The latest collection is based on geometry – pictures above is “prism.” From exploring the site you can find “square,”  “pyramid,” and even “octagon.” These are cut for comfort and style – so as someone who likes draping, pleats, and being generally cute, I’m a fan!

Also notable – she uses a size 28 EU model for her clothing.

plus size purple pants Cucucito 2012plus size peach pleated skirt Cucucito 2012plus size Italian designer dress Cucucito 2012

The designer herself agreed to speak with me about your designs, and graciously accepted my interview. There is a small language barrier here, so if something comes across oddly, please ask – this way we can make sure all is understood!

Tell me about the name Cucucito – is that your family name? Does it describe your clothing in a specific way?
Cucucito symbolizes sewing “with a surprise.” Literally Cucito means sewing. I added “Cu” because I like the sound of these two letters together. It reminds me of the cuckoo clock. It’s always a surprise to see a cuckoo clock because you know that something is going to happen soon but you don’t know what you will see. I therefore put together the word Cucito because our clothing line is all handmade by skilled, professional dressmakers and the sound “Cucu” because it’s made in a glamorous and modern way.

What made you decide to design plus size clothing?
I have always loved fashion as I grew up surrounded by dressmakers so playing with fabrics and needles has always been second nature. My background has allowed me to develop my own fashion knowledge, how to use fabrics and how to dress different body shapes. Life has lead me to make different and hard career choices. I have now come to the conclusion that I need to do what is natural for me and can put a smile on my face. As I went from a size 16 to a size 20, I found very difficult and sad to shop for good quality and fun clothes. As a consequence, my decision to make plus size clothing has been really natural. I want to feel pretty like everyone else and I don’t like imposition. Fashion system says that if you are a specific size you have to wear specific clothing. This for me is an imposition as I want to wear what I like and not what someone tells me to wear. I thought that I probably wasn’t the only person to have this impression of the fashion world so I created my own brand that can relate with real girls and women like me.

“I want to feel pretty like everyone else and I don’t like imposition. The fashion system says that if you are a specific size you have to wear specific clothing. This for me is an imposition as I want to wear what I like and not what someone tells me to wear.”

Tell me more about your model. Who is she? How did you meet her? Does she model for other companies as well?
My model is my aunt. I chose her because she’s a real woman with a real size problem. We have always enjoyed shopping together and I have experienced her struggle to find something that fit her perfectly and wasn’t common. This was her first time as a model and I think she did very well. Very often models who promote curvy fashion are size 16 or 18, we talk about plus size and our model is size 28. Let’s be natural is our motto. This is very important for me, because I didn’t use photoshop, everything you see is the reality.
By the way, my aunt isn’t a professional model but she is available for other advertising campaigns :D

What is your favorite thing to make?
I would say definitely dresses. I really like dresses: Long, short, snug, ample…every type of dress. My other passion is skirts. I think a nice skirt can make you feel very feminine. If you match it with a nice pair of shoes and a simple top you have a perfect outfit for every occasion.
One day I will create a collection of skirts. This is one of my dreams and I will make this happen!

What else would you like the world to know about you?
This is a tough question…
I’m a simple girl with big dreams, some of them already fulfilled others are under construction.
I have a vision for a new fashion world and many ideas to realize.
I love fashion and food, two things that make me a real Italian girl.

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Host your own Clothing Swap

clothing swap
Get Rich Slowly had a money-saving guide on how to host your own clothing swap. While one friend really pushed for me to try it, as the size 28 amidst size 12s at the time I refused to consider it because the only "win" I might enjoy was accessories. As anyone of above average size can tell you, when all you can get are accessories, that’s an insult, not a win. Even so, I am considering seriously hosting a plus size clothing swap at some point. But for this year, I’m just going to hold a good old-fashioned yard sale. Minneapolitans, I’ll let you know when.