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Review: Curvation bras

Materials for this post were provided free of charge by the producing company.

Back Smoother underwire -
Curvation 2013
Curvation – side shaper underwire 2013


Curvation sent Fat Chic two bras: one titled “back smoother underwire” – and the other politely titled “side shaper underwire”.

The Back Smoother comes in sizes: 42C, 42-44D, 40-44DD in black, white and latte.

The Side Shaper sizing range is: 42C, 38-42D, 38-42DD in black, white and tiffany silver.

I am unclear why they skip over women of smaller cup sizes and stop at 44 – given the problems addressed an extended band size (and cup size) is in order.

I tried both for about four hours apiece on separate days. Nothing moved. Those bras clamped down on my skin like the Chinese government does the exercise of free speech.  My various body fat rolls couldn’t get loose and shake their stuff no matter how much hopping and waving of arms attempted.

There wasn’t anything especially new about the bra design-cum-shapewear: perhaps a slightly broader piece of fabric on the sides and a bit more on the back. While I’m not particularly self-conscious about things jiggling, for those that are, these bras do a great job. My only complaint is their limited sizing – there are women both smaller and larger with similar body shaping concerns and they would likely love these bras.


Goodies from Hips and Curves

The nice thing about reviewing lingerie is that most lingerie providers expect you to try their goods on in private. While I’m working up the nerve to do an honest-to-god public lingerie shoot… yeah, that could be awhile. It’s not just me. It’s my partner. Once, when asking a guy to do a nude shot of me before the days this stuff could wind up on the Internet, he put down the camera. “No… MY naked Di, dammit!”

This weird possessiveness has haunted me in every relationship since. While Mike is getting more comfortable with it, I break the man’s brain on a daily basis. He’s much more fun when he’s not a gibbering wreck.

Hopefully we can work something out – Hips and Curves recently sent me two pieces to review. The first is a black tutu, the second a tummy-tuck type slip that would go really well with a certain very tight dress from I Heart Posh Shoppe.

As it is, I’m trying to work out the best approach to the tutu. I tried to fit it in with clubwear last week but nothing I had quite worked. At the moment, I don’t own a corset top, body suit, or old-school leotard. Guess this is a good excuse to get those and those pink lace up ballet shoes I’ve wanted since I was 5.

Hips and Curves lace up back corset 2013


Plus Size Sports Bra Hunt

plus size sports bra 2012

Over the last two years my time in the gym has increased quite a lot. Enough that the cheap Target sports bra I can now squeeze into isn’t quite cutting it anymore – especially not when I’m dancing, and when I might just want to strip down to my bra. So now I’m on the hunt for the right degree of comfort and control, so I don’t meet myself coming while I’m going.

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