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pic of di

OOTD: Fall Peasantry

di - boots jeans shirtTop: Cato Fashions, Jeggings, Faded Glory by Wal-Mart, Boots Old Navy


I’m frowning because the sun is in my eyes and a squirrel is eyeing my tripod from a tree branch.

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OOTD: Target Special

Di in Target plus size clothing 2013Top: Target from 2009 or 2010; floral print jeans Target 2012, shoes, black ballet flaots Torrid 2010.

Another tripod and timer special. The lighting was not great, but I was using the time I had on hand. The jeans are surprisingly comfortable – the top has holes, but I love it anyway.


di at marinos2



di at marinos1 di at marinos2So, after trying on jeans and ordering them everywhere – Lane Bryant, Old Navy, (Silver are still a bit too small for me) I finally found a deal at Wal-Mart I could tolerate. While as you can see I still need to hem the jeans (above) the fit on the back end is really nice. I can get that half-inch to inch raised no problem – as it was they went almost to the floor and I am actually wearing heels. No, they aren’t talls and I am about 5 foot 8 – not even a little bit on the short side.

Wal-Mart Faded Glory is so not where I expected to find denim peace. But there it is. I only hope no one was tortured too horribly in the making of these jeans. I payed $30 for 3 pair (two are jeggings that also fit great) so I’m pretty sure that whoever made it, they aren’t getting any health insurance.

The top is an Eileen Fischer shirt I bought on clearance for $3 at Optiz Outlet. Optiz. It’s my happy place.


Plus Size Sartorialist: Featuring Star


If you were to visit a fashion blogger’s house, what is the first place you would look? The bathroom, for whatever weird prescriptions that person has? The living room, to see where that writer nose-picks while viewing appalling television? … or, most probably, the closet, as soon as it’s left unattended long enough.

That’s what happened with Star (pictured.) Well, really, she came over to pull a gnarly oregano patch for me; I got a wild hair to have a night out and since she did not have a change of clothing she got to tour some wardrobe pieces.

It occurred to me as I questioned her about her tastes that my approach differs from the shame masquerading as advice directed at plus size women in one fashion column after another.

Typical approach: “So, what piece of your body do you wish to mask your shame about in this moment?”

My approach: “How would you like to feel right now?”

Typical approach: “Black is figure flattering. And this will hide all of your body and your personality.”

My approach: “So how much skin do you want to show?

Typical approach: “And this is slimming…”

My approach: “Anyone in particular you’d really enjoy offending?”

We had a good time – although I think there will be weeping when Star gives me my brown miniskirt back.




Las Vegas: What I wore

It’s Las Vegas – and travel packing is always a bear, especially when your traveling companion wants to do carry-on only. Here’s a few outfits from what I came up with. It’s a mix of Target, Wal-Mart, Kiyonna and Lane Bryant in all of that. While I had hoped to visit some plus-size stores specific to Las Vegas, the only one I really got to hit was a Ross and one store that was billed as “plus size” that was nothing of the sort – not even in-betweenie.


Di in Paisley and Lace

Ulla Popken duster set. Perfect for holiday lo...
Ulla Popken duster set. Perfect for holiday lounging. (Photo credit: diana_rajchel)

Materials for this post were provided free of charge by the producing company.

I’m catching up (at last) on some wardrobe shots – this was taken by my partner right after we moved into our new house. I’m showcasing Ulla Popken’s crocheted lace trim tunic ¬†while also wearing a skirt from Target, long socks from Sock Dreams and a belt by Igigi. This I wore to have lunch with a friend. I tried a few different configurations with the tunic – on me, I liked its look best belted.

Be sure to check out the Ulla Popken blog by Babe Hope for her unique view on style for the plus sized!