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A list of things to consider when you choose a plus-size swimsuit

Kiyonna plus size navy blue swimsuit 2012

  1. How will you be using it? Do you swim? Do you hang out on the beach?
  2. What water will this encounter the most frequently?
  3. Can you move in it easily?
  4. Are you participating in an activity where swimsuit pieces falling off would cause a problem?

Personally, I wear my suits out – I do water aerobics twice a week, I go swimming once in awhile, and I do NOT go to the beach to lay out in the sun. So itsy bitsy things aren’t my deal – I’m there to move. However, if you are the type who likes to sunbathe, something a bit more scanty – paired with a nice coverup – does make a great deal of sense.


Modcloth plus size red and white gingham plus size bikini 2012Laraines texas rose plus size bikini 2012

Monif C plus size black bikini 2012Love Your Peaches plus size blue bikini top and shorts 2012

Designer Curves plus size tiger print bikini 2012plus size black swimsuit 2012

You can still find your plus size bikini at Fat Chic Clothing Search..

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Plus size swimwear retailers:

Several department store clothiers also offer plus size swimwear. In the past year, however, there has been a drop off of plus size speciality swimwear clothiers.

Fat Chic Clothing Search for swimwear.

There’s a lot more out there – I get to it as I can. You may be best served initially using the Google search or even looking at my advertisers.

Always for Me
Swimwear up to size 26 with a 46 inch waist

As We Change
Plus size swim and sport up to size 24, intended for women past menopause, yet modeled on the distinctly pre-menopausal.

Bikini Sunshine
Swimwear that runs up to a 3x.

Daisy Swimwear
Plus size swim clothing up to size 24

Exelnt Designs
Plus size swimwear up to size 24.

Plus size snorkeling gear up to 6x.

Girl Trunks
Plus size swimwear up to 24, including women’s trunks.

Plus sizes up to 3x

Hydro Chic
Kayak and swim gear in sizes up to 3x.

Swimwear up to 3x

LuLu West
Boutique line offering lingerie and swimwear up to a size 28.

Shore-fit swimwear
Plus size swimwear up to size 22.

Sassy Sarongs
Sarongs up to 3x.

Simply Be
Plus sizes up to size 28.

Men and woman’s plus size swimwear and plus size rash guards up to 6x.

Sorella Swim
Plus size swimwear up to size 24

Sun Grubbies
Full coverage swim and sport going up to 3x.

Plus size swimwear runs up to a size 32.

Swimsuits Just for Us
Swimwear sizes up to 4x.

Swimsuits for All
Plus size swimwear up to size 24.

Swim and Sweat
Plus sizes up to 26.

Swim Outlet
Plus size clothing up to size 24. You will need to type “plus size” in the site search.

Plus size swimwear up to size 2x, including plus size bikinis.

Also has plus size swimwear


2008 Summer Swimwear

I have a confession to make: I hate researching swimsuits. Just as I know a lot of you hate shopping for swimwear. And, to make matters more difficult, typing “swimsuit” into the Fat Chic Clothing Search. demonstrated to me that I clearly need much more boolean knowledge.

A swimsuit is as close as you get to being naked in public without a European beach or a college Greek-related prank involved. While you can certainly hide some figure flaws, a swimsuit means putting the joys of water and exercise above the joys of necessarily looking your best.

That said, even though I hate hunting through them, and I don’t necessarily enjoy how I look in suits – I love to swim.

Take a look. Hunt through the links on my blogroll, or take a stab with the search engine. There’s some good stuff out there; may your hunt be as painless as possible.

Find your own plus size swimsuit on Fat Chic Clothing Search.

Out to Sea the Swimwear: Roaman’s

If you haven’t notice, I have a definite bias towards the swimdress this season. Roaman’s bandeau swimdress is no exception. My usual reasons apply: flattering bust line, gentle on the extra belly. This one might work better on women who have a little muscle on their arms – the tank look is not kind to those who do not lift. Still, it’s a nice in-season swim look, with a choice of grape, teal, or black.