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Fat Chic Etsy Roundup: a Treasury of Plus

‘Fat Chic Plus Size Favorites’ by magickalrealism

Some of my favorite plus size designs on Etsy; for featuring on my blog, Fat Chic.

Big sale for December plus s…


Long sleeve tunic/ Cotton tu…


Dark Green/Black Color Block…


Fashion Grey Green Long Shir…


Steampunk Military Dress Bla…


JIBRI Printed High Waist Ple…


Wool coat wool Jacket Parkas…


Black Red Skull Cotton Sweat…


The Socialite Tee Shirt & Ta…


Plus Size – CURVY ELLE Lips …




Women’s and Kids Ruffled…


NENA Asymmetrical plus size …


Apricot sweater dress knitwe…


Womens clothing. Winter dres…


Maxi Dress Women Plus Sizes …


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Halloween After: the Black Swan

The Black Swan (film)
The Black Swan (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Note: It has come to my attention that some “anonymous” person has decided to share certain costume photos from this blog to a Cosplay page on FB with the intent of deriding the women in the photos. This was done without anyone’s permission and the people doing this are saying “it’s just a joke” as though it excuses them from accountability for actively harassing people and seeking out people to harass. This time I just reported the page. Next time, I’ll hex your ass.

On to today’s post:

di_black_swan diasblackswan

The Black Swan costume came as a byproduct of wardrobe gifts earlier in 2013. Somehow, I wound up owning 3 black tutus. Since I got them for a dance performance I had to cancel due to pinched nerve, I decided I had to do something involving them for Halloween. The first satisfying idea that came to me: the Black Swan.

The costume itself was easy enough – leotard and slippers from Amazon, white hose from Just My Size, tiara from Party City. I used standard Halloween grease paint for the makeup. After, I remembered the old goth trick of putting white powder over the grease paint. Since that is not sold at casual costume stores, I didn’t have it – and really, corn starch probably would have done the trick just as well.

The costume went over well – lots of people loved the makeup. It took me about four tries to get it. Tracing the brow and eye line were easy. It was placing the red makeup around it to give myself a slightly bloodshot expression that was hard to do.



Oh – and the purse situation wasn’t ideal, either. If I had to do it over again I would fashion a pouch-style belt/fanny pack that I could tuck beneath the top tutu.

Clothes I like for summer: Trousers

evans white summer trouser 2012

Summer pants present a challenge: short shorts are just not my thing. Neither is melting down, as I nearly did the summer I could only afford the pair of jeans I bought in May. Now, with a bit more flexibility, I am ever on the hunt for something comfortable but elegant – thus my love for the good old trouser. I can tuck a tank top in it and run around with a certain amount of comfort – ideally I can even get in a few stretches, or hope on a Nice Ride bike.

elvi teal summer belt trousers 2012plus size polka dot trousers elvi 2012plus size mottled tie waist trousers 2012


You can find your own plus size summer trousers on Fat Chic Clothing Search.

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Leg-prints over footprints

A quick gathering of prints on pants and leggings for you to look at:

One Stop Plus floral print pants 2012Decadent Industries teal print leggings 2012

Torrid floral print leggings 2012Torrid black and grey lace print leggings 2012

Find your own plus size print pants and plus size print leggings on Fat Chic Clothing Search.


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Another time around the color blocking

Eddy and Bri plus size color block mini skirt 2012

Color block still has a few more times around the block to go, and here you can see a sampling of what’s available this summer for plus sizes.

KG Stores plus size yellow and blue tie waist color block dress 2012J Jill plus size brown dress 2012One Stop Plus plus size color block dress 2012

You can find more color block plus size skirts and dresses on Fat Chic Clothing Search.


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Sending up a flare

Plus Sized clothing red print floral plus size dress 2012

Amazingly, more fit and flare dresses have appeared in plus sizes since I last posted about it.  It’s always good to see retailers catch on and give us more of what we want – and fit and flare is definitely on my personal “I want!” list.

New Look plus size red kimono dress 2012New Look belted tan pleated dress 2012

City Chic plus size black overlay dress 2012Igigi plus size black floral dress 2012

Find your own plus size fit and flare dress on Fat Chic Clothing Search.


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A happy look backward: retro dress roundup

B and Lu plus size retro dress 2012Belk plus size tan retro sun dress 2012

Igigi plus size blue retro dress 2012

Find your own retro plus size dress on Fat Chic Clothing Search.


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