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Lattice looks like the back on the maxi dress you see above. Like those bars they put on windows… only horizontal. Sometimes the lattice is a cross hatch situation or even braiding – that requires a lot of sewing handwork so that will, logically, cost more.

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Another Plunge into Swimwear

qvc plus size swimsuit 2012 tankiniLane Bryant green plus size tankini top 2012

Lane Bryant blue side tie tankini top 2012Lane Bryant black and white striped tankini 2012

Plus Size color block tankini Lane Bryant 2012Shop Ruche plus size two piece pink bikini 2012

Shop Ruche plus size print retro swimsuit 2012City Chic online plus size black polka dot retro swimsuit 2012

City Chic online plus size swim purple top black bottom 2012City Chic online black harem pants 2012

always for me shirred purple swimsuit 2012Ashley Stewart plus size print swimsuit 2012

Ashley Stewart plus size retro swimsuit 2012Ashley Stewart plus size purple ruffle hem swimsuit 2012

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Taking a Dive into Swimwear


I’ve learned a few things about swimwear since starting this blog, and also since participating in water aerobics for well over three years now:

1)Readers were right about swim skirts. Great if you’re doing a 50s pool party where you have no intention of actually getting wet. Not so fantastic for any actual physical movement.

2)Chlorine-resistant is your friend.

3)Even if chub-rub was not a problem, any sustained activity that changes your body shape may MAKE it a problem – thus the whole exploration of rash guards last winter. I wear one not out of modesty, but out of wishing not to walk around with my arms in searing pain. Thigh chub rub, I expect. Arm chub rub? That was a surprise.

I’ve been doing well with my new take and I’m still in the swimsuit provided by Swimsuits for All – it’s lasted well over a year, and shows no signs of degrading despite my use of it 3 times week. Two of my classmates have also gotten suits from them, and both report being quite happy about their choices.

I’ve also been getting really interested in the 1920s style swimsuits, and those made for women in sports in the 30s and 40s.  It’s not even so much about hiding my figure – there’s no hiding this figure. It’s more about the pragmatism of the suits as compared to today – they were made for women of action, not women of decoration. Let’s be honest, who in their right minds just wants to be decorative? A day off here or there is great, but there’s only so much Real Housewives and Jersey Shore you can watch before you go mad with boredom.


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Out to Sea the Swimwear: Roaman’s

If you haven’t notice, I have a definite bias towards the swimdress this season. Roaman’s bandeau swimdress is no exception. My usual reasons apply: flattering bust line, gentle on the extra belly. This one might work better on women who have a little muscle on their arms – the tank look is not kind to those who do not lift. Still, it’s a nice in-season swim look, with a choice of grape, teal, or black.


Out to Sea the Swimwear: PlusByDesign.com

PlusbyDesign lives up to its name, offering a series of clothing designs cut for the fuller figure. The swimwear line by Carol Wior is very contemporary but nicely conservative, providing a selection of skirtinis and strategically spliced tank suits. I like this one for plus women with a slightly smaller bust than waist (but who still have a somewhat generous bust). It allows the wearer to play up cleavage assets while disguising the thighs and accentuating the better curves. I would like to see this in other options besides chocolate – brown is a dark color, and that absorbs heat, and it’s also a color I’m prone to wearing when suffering from self-confidence issues. That said, brown is almost as classically flattering as black. It’s a nice basic choice.


Out to Sea the Swimwear: Pacificplex

Pacifiplex is chock full of zippy juniors pieces with sizing up to 3x – their interpretation of 3x being 20-22, and thus emphasizing the point that plus size retailers need to figure out a consistent sizing standard – but as far as their swimwear goes, they offer one choice only. It’s cute, and a good luau look. The cut and pattern, particularly the skirt over the bottoms and surplice cut is fairly figure flattering for those with bellies, and age appropriate for the 15-21 set.

Out to Sea the Swimwear: Old Navy

Old Navy is the subject of a lot of controversy now that they’re taking the plus line out of stores. The party line seems to be that they’re being extremely short-sighted, with the growing numbers of plus people in the United States. I’ve always thought that Gap Inc. stuff was cute, but overly trendy – for the longest time I had conspiracy fantasies where Gap Inc. and Walmart were attempting to take over the world, and the only form of rebellion left would be to join a naturist colony.

Their swimline  is standard fare – about two years behind what I would consider cutting edge of plus size design, and just fine “off the rack” or “off the web” as it may now be. This particular suit is the best of their plus swim designs:


Although the brevity of the bottom part of the suit is problematic for women with larger thighs and hips, the shirring through the torso gives a flattering line to the belly area – definitely a suit or the active.