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Gabi Fresh’s Swimwear Line

If you who didn’t immediately flock to Swimsuits for All when you heard about GabiFresh’s swimwear line I’m assuming it’s because you hadn’t heard of it. The queen of the fatkini push from last year now has her very own swimwear line – up to a size 24. With a price point of $68 and swimsuits you can actually swim in, this line keeps selling out – all I can say is thank you, Gabi!

Twin Cities plus size shoppers – help a reader find a swimsuit!

Minneapolis – Saint Paul
Minneapolis – Saint Paul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A reader from the East Metro of Minneapolis/Saint Paul needs help finding a plus size two piece swimsuit before her vacation in two weeks. Please comment if you know of a place in the Twin Cities or its metro that offers swimwear separates in plus sizes that may be tried on before purchase.

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Pennington’s Color Block swimsuit

Penningtons plus size color block swimsuit 2012

From Pennington’s summer swim line – this use of color blocking is brilliant.

You can of course find your own color-block looks on Fat Chic Clothing Search.


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Taking a Dive into Swimwear


I’ve learned a few things about swimwear since starting this blog, and also since participating in water aerobics for well over three years now:

1)Readers were right about swim skirts. Great if you’re doing a 50s pool party where you have no intention of actually getting wet. Not so fantastic for any actual physical movement.

2)Chlorine-resistant is your friend.

3)Even if chub-rub was not a problem, any sustained activity that changes your body shape may MAKE it a problem – thus the whole exploration of rash guards last winter. I wear one not out of modesty, but out of wishing not to walk around with my arms in searing pain. Thigh chub rub, I expect. Arm chub rub? That was a surprise.

I’ve been doing well with my new take and I’m still in the swimsuit provided by Swimsuits for All – it’s lasted well over a year, and shows no signs of degrading despite my use of it 3 times week. Two of my classmates have also gotten suits from them, and both report being quite happy about their choices.

I’ve also been getting really interested in the 1920s style swimsuits, and those made for women in sports in the 30s and 40s.  It’s not even so much about hiding my figure – there’s no hiding this figure. It’s more about the pragmatism of the suits as compared to today – they were made for women of action, not women of decoration. Let’s be honest, who in their right minds just wants to be decorative? A day off here or there is great, but there’s only so much Real Housewives and Jersey Shore you can watch before you go mad with boredom.


Find your own plus size swimwear on Fat Chic Clothing Search.

REVIEW: Swimsuits for All

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This swimsuit was provided to me for review by SwimSuitsforAll. It’s chlorine resistant, which is excellent since I do water aerobics or swimming 2-4 times a week.

Getting the suit on puzzled me at first (to be fair, I was doing all this before so much as a cup of coffee) because you loop your arms through the armholes and then you pull up the back at your neck. It feels vaguely like a collar; not what I’m into, but once I got in the water it made total sense. As a childhood victim of the top strap of my swimsuit coming loose, I can appreciate a suit that’s not going anywhere until you’re ready to take it off.

To date, I’ve used it twice (I wanted to change out swimsuits, but I wanted to do these photos on dry land, first, so you can see the front and back.) Also, this winter in Minnesota has had me chooosing the treadmill over water rather a lot. It’s a comfortable fit (I’m a size 28) and I love being able to do all the movements in the water without worrying about what my suit is going to do in the meantime.  I’m not terribly hung up about who sees my fat rolls in the water – in morning water aerobic classes, I’m easily the youngest there by thirty years, and after awhile you can either a)be a twit and focus on the wrinkles, cellulite and other representations of nature around you or b)just get in your workout and benefit. I choose b.

This is definitely a swimsuit for someone who plans to get in some exercise, and you will definitely be able to concentrate on moving your body rather than on how your suit is moving.

I’m not as concerned about chlorine resistance as I am about swimsuit dryer resistance; I do rinse my suit at the end of every workout, but I worry that the grinding of that thing can’t be good. After two uses, the suit seems fine, but it’s a great suit I highly recommend and I want to make it last awhile, so I may find some other method to get it dry since I generally stash it in my locker at the YWCA.