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Even More to Love

Maurices plus size black denim skirt 2013

available from Maurices up to size 3x

Deb Shops plus size black lace sleeve top 2013

available from Deb Shops up to size 3x.

Target plus size white contrast sleeve blouse 2013

Available from Target up to size 4x.

Torrid plus size black bare shoulder sweater 2013

available from Torrid up to size 5x

Torrid plus size grey poison print sweater 2013

From Torrid, up to 5x.

Now this is a graphic I would wear!

Torrid plus size black and white contrast shoes 2013


Igigi plus size print dress 2013

available from Igigi up to size 30/32

City Chic plus size blue tunic 2013available from City Chic up to size 24

Modcloth plus size green button front skirt 2013

available from Modcloth up to 4x.

Ralph Lauren Women plus size geometric dress 2013

This is a Ralph Lauren dress. Available at Bloomingdales up to size 3x.


Tunic Hunting

The dirty secret of most fashion bloggers is that when we’re writing this stuff about ways to like how you look, we are in our pajamas, ratty sweats or just plain naked. That’s the beauty of computers. I often roll out of bed over to my computer, uncombed hair and all and begin to type before the coffee even begins its percolation. Fashion may be on my mind – but it’s certainly not on my body.

Two things have happened that change my at-home fashion game: first, I now have interns. (I pay them in food and free parking.)

That means that someone shows up at my house to witness how I look on a daily basis. That means that I actually have to think about how I appear.

The second is Car2Go service has appeared in Minneapolis. So now when friends want coffee I actually can go in the middle of the day… where people can see me, who might call the police if I forget to put my pants on.

A wrinkle to this whole situation is that last December my sweetie and I bought a house. Naturally, this led to me donating a gigantic portion of my wardrobe – we upgraded our overall living area, but it was a closet downgrade from a walk-in to one of those jobs designed by someone who expected hippies with exactly three outfits to live there. (The rest of the house is divine – the closets were its only minus, and my partner sold me by telling me how we could renovate it to my tastes. He failed to mention when.)

This has also left me rather devoid of fall/winter casuals. I realized last week I don’t even have a gigantic sweater to drape over my leggings. I remedied it with this:

Target plus size black and white tunic 2013

Available from Target up to size 4x

Even so, it’s far from ideal – someone bought the 4x right away because the largest size always sells out first (thus why we all know retailers are lying about higher end plus sizes not selling) and the size down, while loose, is not quite as free-form as I’d like for this style.

Since I still have a considerable belly – the rest of me is large but proportional – I prefer sweaters and tunics in winter. It’s how I get around without feeling awkward about myself, and ultimately it’s about how I feel, what I have to wear to avoid arrest and then it’s about how I look.

As you know, I’m super happy with the Faded Glory jeggings I bought at Wal-Mart. I’m surprised – in previous years Old Navy has usually won out in the jeans department, but at this point nobody knows what the hell they’re thinking with their plus sizes over there. So I have a great casual base to work from.

Even so, my trusty Fashion Bug leggings are getting pretty worn and it’s not like Fashion Bug is there to go back to – so I need to shop around for a comfort refresh.

The leggings game, however, has changed. The more complex the legging print the more likely it will cost the same as a pair of pants. In those situations, I cannot use leggings in the casual manner to which I am accustomed.

A quick tour around OneStopPlus has turned up a few possibilities in both the leggings and the tunic department. The good folks there were kind enough to even provide me

Torrid plus size black stud leggings 2013Torrid plus size black and white leggings 2013Torrid plus size black skull print leggings 2013

Also, while I’m not known for my overwhelming love of capris leggings, the tunic on top looks very cool – I definitely want to try it out sometime:

Roamans plus size white black sheer sleeve tunic 2013


Fall Classics

There are plenty of other classic wardrobe pieces for fall. These are just a few favorites. Have a few of your own in mind? Use Fat Chic Clothing Search. to find them!
The Shirt Dress

Torrid plus size fall blue shirt dress 2013

Available from Torrid up to size 5x

JC Penney plus size orange shirt dress belted 2013

Available from JC Penney up to size 24

Michael Kors plus size belted shirt dress 2013

Michael Kors maxi shirt dress from Saks available up to size US 24

The Pullover

JC Penney plus size striped dark blue pullover 2013

available from JC Penney up to 3x

Nordstrom plus size grey pullover 2013

available at Nordstrom in up to size 3x

Target plus size grey cowl neck sweater 2013

available from Target up to size 4x

The Blazer

Anna Scholz plus size double silk collage blazer 2013

From Anna Scholz available up to a size 22 (UK)

Evans plus size black and white striped blazer 2013

 From Evans, available up to size 28 (US)


The Leather Moto/Bomber Jacket

Anna Scholz plus size black quilted bomber jacket 2013

From Anna Scholz available up to a size 28 (UK)

Michael Kors plus size dark blue motorcycle jacket 2013

From Michael Kors, available up to size 3x


The Trouser

Lane Bryant dark blue plus size trousers 2013

From Lane Bryant, available up to size 26 US


Plus Size Fashion Broadsheet: Fall Roundup 5

Another broadsheet of plus size fashions coming this fall (in stores now.) You can also find your own fall plus size goodies on Fat Chic Clothing Search..


J.Jill plus size green plaid side ankle zip pants 2013

side ankle zip pants up to US size 28

J.Jill plus size blue stretch pencil pima-stretch skirt 2013

stretch pencil skirt – available up to size 4x

J.Jill plus size vintage roses blouse rose print blouse 2013

vintage rose print blouse available up to size 4x

 Plus Size Fix

Plus Size Fix plus size galaxy print leggings 2013Galaxy print leggings available up to 2xl Plus Size Fix plus size floral belted jumpsuit 2013 Sleeveless floral belted jumpsuit available up to size 3xl Plus Size fix plus size sleeveless tee 2013Cali Rocker Tee available up to 3xl

 Fashion to Figure

 Fashion to Figure plus size black and white mesh black piping bodycon dress 2013Pipe up mesh sleeveless dress – available up to 3X Fashion to Figure plus size red A-line dress 2013 A-line dress available up to 3X Fashion to Figure plus size red sheer cowl top Aztec print on back 2013 Cowl sheer top available up to 3x


Calvin Klein plus size blue black and white colorblock top 2013 Calvin Klein colorblock top available up to size 3x London Times plus size print shift dress magenta black pink white 2013London Times plus size mirror print shift dress available up to US size 22


Jones New York plus size dark blue long sleeve blazer 2013Jones New York sateen long sleeve jacket available up to US size 22


Torrid plus size dark blue denim pixie pants waist controlling top band 2013dark wash skinny jeans available up to US size 28 Torrid plus size olive military style pocket vest 2013Olive studded military vest available up to size 5x Torrid plus size white military button top back peplum 2013white peplum military top available up to size 5x


Kiyonna plus size cloth belt 2013Zoe belt – available up to US size 30 Kiyonna plus size pleated stripe print dress 2013Julia pleated dress available up to US size 32

Kiyonna plus size polka dot black cold shoulder dress 2013Haute Cold Shoulder dress available up to size US 32


Rainbow plus size black and white sheer dress 2013 sheer dress with bubble print available up to 3x Rainbow Shops plus size blue denim double button jeans 2013plus size double button jeans available up to US size 22 Rainbow Shops plus size black stretch pencil skirt 2013stretch pencil skirt available up to size 3x

 JC Penney

JC Penney plus size rainbow striped scoop neck top 2013

Worthington essential scoop neck top available up to size 5x

JC Penney jcp floral print blue black skinny jeans 2013

jcp skinny jeans floral print available up to size US 24W

JC Penney plus size embellished dress 2013

embellished dress available up to size US 24W

Saks Fifth Avenue

Marina Rinaldi Salon Z Arabia sweater grey plus size 2013Marina Rinaldi grey pullover available up to US size 22
black and white plus size surplice dress Beyond vintage 2013Beyond Vintage embroidered surplice dress available up toUS size 24 Fuzzi Salon Z plus size green ruched front dress 2013Fuzzi sleeveless ruched front dress available up to US size 22



 1015 Store

A big boo to 1015 marketing for only including straight sizes in their Lookbook for fall.

plus size pink zig-zag cardian 1015 store 2013Pink zig-zag cardigan available in sizes up to 3x


1015 store plus size black bell sleeve dress 2013bell sleeve open back party mini dress, available in 3x
1015 Store plus size black and pink cowl neck sweater minidress 2013belted cowl neck sweater dress available up to 3x

599 Fashion

599Fashion plus size black tuxedo vest 2013

*black tuxedo vest available in US size 26-28

NOTE: I ordered this. Postings to follow

599Fashion plus size grey maxi skirt 2013

grey maxi skirt available in up to 3xl

599Fashion plus size red flannel plaid shirt dress 2013

red flannel shirt dress available in up to 2xl