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This Season’s Favorites

Avenue plus size red lavender black stripe watercolor faux wrap dress 2013

 Available from Avenue.com up to size 30/32

Why do I love this? It’s one of those prints that helps the curves along – it might require a little bit of tailoring once you get it home, but once that’s done – hello, can you say perfect Valentine’s dress?

Black and tan plus size skater dress I Heart Posh Shoppe 2013

I Heart Posh Shoppe available up to size 3x

It’s cute, it’s classic, it’s transitionable! I can see this working with tights – or bare legs and sandals. Also, the neutral colors make it easier to control the seasonality. Just add bling.


Ulla Popken plus size lace bib shirt 2013

Available from Ulla Popken up to size 34.

I’m a sucker for lace-like patterns. I’m also really into tunics for winter this year – it’s just..I dunno, easier.

Ashley Stewart plus size black lace sleeve shirt 2013

available from Ashley Stewart up to size 26

Lace-look sleeves are a favorite of mine – they hint at the sexy but there’s no possibility whatsoever of a wardrobe malfunction.

Ashley Stewart plus size baroque brocade dress 2013

Available from Ashley Stewart up to size 24

Last year plus sizes mostly got locked out of the baroque trend – but at long last, it’s found it’s way to plus size in some fun textured prints like the one on this dress!

Igigi plus size green black lace overlay peplum cut dress 2013

 Available from Igigi up to size 30/32

How gorgeous is this dress? It’s peplum color blocking used as a way to block and define shape – and it’s done brilliantly!

 eShakti plus size grey ballet style dress 2013

Available from eShakti up to pretty much any size you happen to be.

Yes, this is a Nutcracker friendly dress. It’s also simple, sweet, friendly and easy to wear with flats, heels… or in my case, probably combat boots. It’s a thing. Roll with it.

While it’s unlikely all these things will make their way under the tree for me, I may just Santa myself on one or two!

Still looking for your plus size holiday goodies – look for it on Fat Chic Clothing Search.!

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Splashy prints are a risky business on plus sizes – especially when it’s a splashy print on a trapeze cut tunic. I’m not sure whether I love this one or not – it’s one of those where it’s tempting because it looks crazy comfortable but runs the risk of announcing my presence a bit louder than makes me comfortable. To be clear: I fully believe that for every piece of clothing out there, there is a person it looks perfect on. Even if this gets voted awful, there is somebody out there who is also totally rocking that very clothing piece. This one I think might be one of those that takes a really special person to truly rock it.


Review: Ulla Popken for Spring

Materials for this post were provided free of charge by the producing company.

Babe Hope over at Ulla Popken invited me to review a few pieces from the spring line. As they had an item or three I’d drooled over off and on, I was delighted to do so. The above is a tunic top available at Ulla Popken (that is currently marked down!)  It’s a very nice, comfortable fit – I can stretch my arms and move around without feeling restricted. A detail that doesn’t show up in the photos all that well is the delicate beading around the neckline. It even comes with a pack of beads, just in case you lose yours in the washer.

The next item sent was the black skort  (also available in white.) I LOVE this. It feels much more comfortable than shorts, still shows off the legs, and looks well with a nice tunic or a drape-style blouse. I thought I’d give it a try as I’ve felt some skepticism at their returns – but ultimately, I’m very much in favor of it, especially with a skort as well made and comfortable as this one.


Di in Paisley and Lace

Ulla Popken duster set. Perfect for holiday lo...
Ulla Popken duster set. Perfect for holiday lounging. (Photo credit: diana_rajchel)

Materials for this post were provided free of charge by the producing company.

I’m catching up (at last) on some wardrobe shots – this was taken by my partner right after we moved into our new house. I’m showcasing Ulla Popken’s crocheted lace trim tunic  while also wearing a skirt from Target, long socks from Sock Dreams and a belt by Igigi. This I wore to have lunch with a friend. I tried a few different configurations with the tunic – on me, I liked its look best belted.

Be sure to check out the Ulla Popken blog by Babe Hope for her unique view on style for the plus sized!