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Plus Size Finds: Zaftique

Zaftique has a new set of dresses and holiday looks out for 2010, friendly to those who really like a lot of drape in their silhouette.

I do like the simplicity of these looks, and I’ve noticed some movement toward more trendy pieces – especially in their denim leggings.

See what else Zaftique has on hand for the holidays.

Plus Size Leggings: Zaftique

I often overlook Zaftique when fishing through the piles of plus size clothing choices, but this latest release gave me pause. Labeled faux denim leggings, they cross over into the whole “colored jean” aspect.  (Yes, I’ve caved on the whole leggings issue. I have an essay in the works about it, although I’m still not wild about jeggings despite now owning a pair.)  What catches my attention about them is their price point – $9.00. There’s only one place charging less than that for leggings, and then only with finagling. The downside?

They’re polyester.

For the Zaftique, from the Zaftique

I’ve known about Zaftique since I’ve known about Google – do you remember back in the day when they tried that catalog experiment? I found Zaftique online, and meant to try it, but I was in college, struggling with maxing out credit cards to buy books. To this day, I’ve not had the opportunity to try them.

While I’ve seen them classed as “older” I see them as for more of the fantasist set when they’re not on their way to a con. Lots of more drapey, romantic designs, with lots of flow and plenty of good silhouette. Until recently, they also used genuinely plus-sized models. Now they’re drifting towards this disturbing headless thing, and while I love these pics – I’m especially intrigued by the lace overcoat – I’m a little worried about who’s at marketing and what they’re thinking about their customer base.

2008 Zaftique

It’s hard for me to cover ALL the plus size shops out there. Some don’t have mailing lists, which is the main way I keep up on them. Others don’t even have websites, and I shop mainly online.

I neglect Zaftique a bit much, and I’m worried now that my neglect of them, bottomed out at the end of the alphabet as they are, is one of the reasons I’m seeing fewer genuinely plus-sized models wearing their clothing these days. I think it’s a shame for two reasons:

1. They’re ignoring their target market.

2. Their target market I believe has unfairly labeled them clothing for “older” women. While this wanders into the grey area of age-appropriateness versus body confidence multiplied by how much plastic surgery you can afford… it’s just not reasonable. Blair could be fairly called clothing for the elderly. Zaftique doesn’t really deserve that label.

Along with an updated and much more usable website than what they’ve had previous years, Zaftique is offering some of the more fresh/quirky designs I’m seeing among mass producers – and they never, ever, took the dress away from us like some other plus size clothiers.

But, because they deserve the attention for being a little more imaginative, here’s my favorite three picks from their site:


I like the pink dress for its asymmetric cut, and also because I’m really feeling pinks with red lately. The pants I like for a great cut – my only complaint is that they’re made with polyester, and a natural fiber would be much better because then I could wear them in my bellydance class. The last dress, labeled “Pretty Petals” is just…pretty. I like the figure flattering line on the pleating, the sleeves, the print – even the white. It’s a daring variation, and perfect for an Easter/Passover/Ostara/Hey, spring!  dress.

Love the new website, Zaftique. Can we get some more plus sized models, too? And about those pants… I might have a lead on some bamboo fibers for you…

Digging through the Lingerie Stores: Zaftique

While I’ve read other bloggers class Zaftique as marketed towards an older market, I would have to disagree. While a lot of their cuts and choices are a bit more modest than those stores really pushing the limits of good taste in an attempt to be “hip” and “edgy” I would have to say that most of their looks are actually just fine for plussies under 40 – or over 40.

While their “foundations” section is limited, they have some lovely, very wearable pieces, mostly camis and panties. Their lingerie section has a bit more range, and is very definitely marketed to women – everything is composed of silky fabrics with girly twists; the more revealing the lingerie, the more likely the model will have her back turned to preserve her modesty.

I haven’t had a chance to purchase from Zaftique, but the more I see, the more I want to.